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Welcome to the StepBridgeUK platform.


As from March 1st  the table money to participate in any of the four weekly UK tournaments will increase from 20 to 25PPs (£1.00 – £1.25).
Following your participation, this will be automatically deducated from your account.


Please feel free to enter any of our four scheduled weekly tournaments:

                     Mondays at 7pm – Match Points – Random Pairs
                     Wednesdays at 7pm – Match Points – Random Pairs
                     Fridays at 7pm – Match Points – Random Pairs
                     Sundays at 7pm – Match Points – Swiss Pairs


All our events have 8 rounds x 3 boards = 24 boards.

You can register solo and be matched with a partner by StepBridge! All open events allow you to register as a singleton. The system will match you with a partner 5 minutes before the start of the tournament (you need to be present in the lobby of the tournament to be matched). After this, the Director will attempt to manually match solo players.


The ‘Table-Money’ for all UK National events is 25PPs (£1.25)

Master Points

Master Points will be awarded for all StepBridgeUK national events.