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We are pleased to invite you to this week’s open events:

  • Monday 18/01 19:00
  • Wednesday 20/01 19:00
  • Friday 22/01 19:00 (IMPs)
  • Sunday 24/01 19:00
  • Monday 25/01 19:00

The Friday event uses IMPs scoring, all other events use Match Points. All our open events have 8 rounds x 3 boards = 24 boards. Because it is Swiss, pairs with similar scores are pitted against one another every round. This means after a few rounds you will be playing against pairs of comparable skill level. This also means everyone can participate, from novice to expert!

You can register as a pair or as a singleton. The system will match you with a partner 5 minutes before the start of the tournament (you need to be present in the lobby of the tournament to be matched).

The WBU has prepared a very handy introductory guide to StepBridge: StepBridge.pdf

Did you know you can browse your past results from your profile at the StepBridge Portal?

Any questions about StepBridge please to

Enjoy playing,

StepBridge Support

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