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Dear %fullnameandusername%,

Over the past couple of years hopefully you’ve enjoyed the facilities offered through the StepBridge platform. In response to some of your comments, the committee of StepBridgeUK now feel that it is time to make a few changes to the national competitions:

Event Format

The IMP scoring on Fridays is not very popular, so we are now changing it to Match-Pointed pairs, in line with the three other weekly events.

Also the competitions on Mondays and Fridays will now be run as ‘Random’ events rather than Swiss (this is similar to a formal ‘movement’ for the round pairings). This is partly due to the reduced numbers on these evenings, and will be periodically reviewed (Swiss events should only be run with a minimum number of participating tables).


We are now in a financial position to offer prizes for some events. We will be awarding 2 x £25 (500 + 500PPs), for one different day each month. The initial schedule is:

     Sunday 2nd. April;     Monday 8th. May;    Wednesday 7th. June;    Friday 7th. July etc.

Prizes will be awarded on a draw basis rather than on performance (details will be given by the Director for the relevant session).

Master Points

As from 1st. May, we intend to award Master Points for all the UK sessions. Obviously only members of an appropriate National Organisation will receive points, but non-affiliated members can still participate in the sessions (as is the situation at present).

I hope that you continue to enjoy playing on StepBridge. I personally have made many online friends over the past, and it is only now as we are getting back to face-to-face bridge that it’s been my pleasure to meet some of you in real-life.


Tony Haworth – StepBridgeUK Operations Manager.