As you are probably aware, as from Monday 28th March (note the change of date), all StepBridge events within the UK will be controlled by StepBridgeUK. For reasons previously detailed, all Club and UK tournaments will now be chargeable.
(Note – Youth Clubs and teaching Clubs are exempt from charging)
A summary of the charging mechanism is:
• Players will purchase ‘Participation Points’ – 100PPs will cost £5 (discount for bulk purchases).
• These points will be used for either UK tournaments (controlled directly by StepBridgeUK), or for Club tournaments (controlled by the Club Planner)
• StepBridgeUK will receive £0.50p for each player participation in Club events
There are two methods by which Clubs can manage their Club events:
PLAYERS Are Responsible For Their Purchase Of PPs.
Players will pay (i.e. use PPs) individually for any event they participate in. When completing a Club event the relevant number of PPs will be debited from their individual account.
Clubs will first need to identify how much they intend to charge for their Club events (this can vary for each event), bearing in mind that £0.50p will be retained by StepBridgeUK. Effectively this means a minimum charge of £0.50p (10PPs).
Most Clubs will charge more than the minimum amount with any excess over £0.50p being refunded to the Clubs.
• The Planner will need to identify the charge for the event on the planning screen and input the equivalent PPs – this will then be displayed on the ‘info’ screen for that event.
Important – to avoid conflict with existing scheduled events, this will not be available until Wednesday March 23rd, so Clubs should avoid planning post-March 28th events until after this date.
• All proceeds will initially go to StepBridgeUK (since players will have purchased the equivalent PPs themselves)
• StepBridgeUK will automatically calculate the refunds on a quarterly basis (first refund – March-June; thereafter every three months). The refunds will be the total table-monies, less £0.50p per player event participation.
For example, if a Club charge £2.00 table money for an event (i.e. players each use 40PPs), the Club will be refunded £1.50 for each player in that event.
In order to facilitate the Club refunds, it will be necessary for each Club to identify an appropriate bank account (name, SortCode, Acct No.). Please advise to, giving your Club name.
CLUBS Are Responsible For All Players Participating In Their Events
(Note this is an Option and not the default).
In order to save members purchasing their individual PPs for a Club event, a facility exists whereby a Club can bulk purchase PPs on behalf of their members (only for use in this Club’s events).
In summary, players will not use any of their personal PPs for playing in this Club’s events – the charge for the event (minimum 10PPs) will be taken from the Club account, and the Club PP repository will be debited accordingly. It must be remembered that Clubs will be responsible for alternative arrangements for the collection of appropriate fees from their playing members (as is the case with a number of Clubs already).
Clubs wishing to use this facility should contact
All the best
Tony Haworth – Operations Manager StepBridgeUK